Considering starting a business? Shuler Killen is here to guide you through the process with expertise and dedication. When you choose us, we don’t just assist; we become your partners in turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. From the initial setup of your business to witnessing its growth and success, we stand by your side every step of the way.

Selecting the right business entity is crucial for building a strong foundation that provides personal liability protection and facilitates the growth of your business alongside your ambitions. Our team specializes in helping clients navigate the complexities of various business entities, ensuring you make informed decisions that align with your goals.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established business owner, Shuler Killen is committed to supporting your journey. Contact us to explore how we can help shape the future success of your business.

Formation of Corporations

If you’re gearing up to create your own corporation in South Carolina, Shuler Killen is ready to guide you through the entire process. We understand that forming a corporation involves various legal documents, and we’re here to take care of the details. From preparing the necessary paperwork for The Secretary of State’s Office, The South Carolina Department of Revenue, and the Internal Revenue Service, to handling the internal documents crucial for your company’s smooth operation – we’ve got you covered. Let Shuler Killen be your trusted partner as you embark on this exciting venture, providing clear and direct legal support every step of the way.

Formation of Limited Liability Companies (LLC)

When you’re setting up your business, choosing an LLC as your entity is often the right move. It provides liability protection and operates as a pass-through tax entity. Forming an LLC involves preparing various legal documents that must be filed with key authorities, such as The Secretary of State’s Office, The South Carolina Department of Revenue, and the Internal Revenue Service. Partner with Shuler Killen for the expertise you need in navigating this process seamlessly.

Formation of Partnerships

If you’re diving into a partnership in your business journey, let us help you establish a solid foundation with a well-crafted Partnership Agreement. We understand that starting a business partnership is a simple step, but navigating potential challenges requires thoughtful consideration. Ending a partnership can be complex, but we focus on the positive aspects of your business, offering guidance to mitigate future issues.

Shuler Killen recognizes the importance of clear and comprehensive partnership documents. We work closely with you to outline each partner’s role, financial contributions, and level of participation. Instead of dwelling on potential challenges, we invest time in understanding your long-term business goals. With this insight, we assist you in crafting the perfect partnership agreement tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Succession Plans or Buy Out Agreements

Many new business owners overlook the importance of planning for unforeseen events that could impact their involvement in the business. In situations like death, divorce, illness, disability, or disagreements among owners, having a succession plan or Buy-Out Agreement becomes crucial. Partner with Shuler Killen to guide you in creating a comprehensive succession plan or Buy-Out Agreement tailored to your business needs.

Counsel for the Operation of Businesses

If you run a business and find yourself not needing a full-time attorney, Shuler Killen is here to offer essential legal support. We understand the everyday challenges that business owners face, and we bring a wealth of experience to serve as your go-to external legal counsel. Our goal is to be the dependable partner you can rely on for all your legal needs, helping you navigate various issues with ease. Whether you’re a small startup or a larger enterprise, we’re committed to providing the clear and direct assistance you require to ensure your business operates smoothly.

Employment Law

If you’re navigating the employment landscape in South Carolina, it’s important to understand the “employee at will” framework. If you’re a business owner, you might be wondering if your Employee Handbook is in compliance with the latest South Carolina regulations. Perhaps you’re exploring the idea of a contractual arrangement with your employee or employer and seeking clarity on the key elements that validate a contract. These questions are common, and at Shuler Killen, we’re here to address your concerns and offer the guidance you’re looking for. Reach out to our team for expert counsel on employment law matters, ensuring you have the knowledge and support necessary for confident decision-making.

Employment Contracts

We understand the importance of clear and effective employee contracts in building strong, lasting partnerships between employers and employees. With a focus on collaboration and understanding your unique needs, we leverage our expertise to provide you with clear, straightforward advice. Trust us to help you navigate the complexities of employee contracts, fostering a positive and productive work environment for both you and your team. Partner with Shuler Killen for the knowledge and support you need to secure successful employment relationships.

Non-Compete Agreements

When you’ve entrusted your top-tier team with crucial company details, it’s essential to ensure that this information remains confidential and won’t be used against you. Dealing with the intricacies of non-compete agreements can be challenging, and Shuler Killen is ready to support you. We specialize in providing expert counsel on non-compete agreements, offering you the confidence and assurance you need.

At Shuler Killen, our focus is on crafting comprehensive agreements tailored to safeguard your interests. We understand the importance of providing protection and also ensuring your legal representation can stand up in court if necessary. Partner with us, and we’ll work diligently to secure your proprietary information and uphold your business integrity. When it comes to navigating the complexities of non-compete agreements, trust Shuler Killen to be your dedicated ally, ensuring the security of your business assets.

Confidentiality Agreements

If you’re aiming to secure your business’s trade secrets, intellectual property, and client lists, Shuler Killen is ready to support you. We understand the vital role confidentiality plays in the flourishing development of your enterprise. Confidentiality agreements are essential tools that effectively bind employees, business partners, and any other individuals requiring access to your information. Trust in our legal expertise to provide the support you need, allowing you to fortify your company’s valuable assets and foster its ongoing success. When it comes to securing your business’s future, Shuler Killen has you covered.

Business Planning

When you’re starting a business, you need a solid plan for growth, hiring, and managing finances. Shuler Killen is here to assist you every step of the way. We take the time to understand your goals and work with you to create a clear plan to achieve them. Whether it’s forming your business or planning an exit strategy, Shuler Killen in Sumter, South Carolina, is your go-to partner. We’re dedicated to understanding your business and helping it thrive.

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